Jul 2014

Dark Sky Weekend a Washout

Here are some photos and comments from some of those that attended the Dark Sky Weekend at the Bruce National Park last weekend. Weather was not great but some viewing happened Friday night, no solar viewing (except sporadically) through cloud breaks on both days. There was a real variety of weather over the weekend -everything from nice blue sky to thunderstorms with lots of lightning, a typical Canadian camping weekend. At one point I checked the lightning strikes report for Georgian Bay just off Owen Sound-there were 139.
Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 3.40.21 PM
Aaron wrote: "I guess the clear skies just follow me i'm sorry Sad that sounds really sucky? no clear sky at all we hardly got anything over two nights I bet we got maybe 4 hours of clear sky, the thunder storm was right over us, it was awesome, my self and my good friend Brett stayed up and got clear sky as I predicted [Clear Sky Chart, actually -ed] last night for an hour an a half Laugh I was bang on the clear sky chart for dorcas bay was an hour off Brett and I shared 70 mm binos I think it was 77 and we saw 9 galaxies M33 Triangulum was amazing and bigger than expected and a whole bunch of bino and naked eye messier objects"

Brett wrote: "I had a great time! It was a lot of fun in spite of the weather...Thanks to all!...Astro wise it was a stretch but we managed to get some viewing in. Saturday we chased "sucker holes" to show the campers some objects but got clouded out before midnight. Aaron and I traded duties on the 28" scope with its new coat of aluminum...didn't get much of a chance to test it out! There were eight of us from the club sharing scopes and not that many more guest from the campgrounds..Sunday was a big glorious stormy mess until the sky opened in the wee hours like Aaron predicted...the air was very clear then. I have never seen such good views with binoculars of galaxies especially M33 and M101! Those cheap 15x70 SkyMasters are an amazing value for under $100!"

-compiled by John H.