Robert Atkinson, Doug Cunningham, Stuart Hegge, John Hlynialuk, Steve Irvine, Troy Johnstone, Aaron Top, Frank Williams, Paul Zelichowski

NGC6995 Veil Nebula RGB+H-alpha by Paul Zelichowski

Elephant Trunk Neb in H-alpha by Paul Zelichowski

Eta-Carina Nebula (remote telescope) Image by Paul Zelichowski

Comet PanSTARRS Mar 17/13 by Rob Atkinson, London ON

North America Nebula NGC7000 by Brett Tatton ES Fox

Orion Nebula M42 and "Running Man" NGC 1977 by Paul Zelichowski

Table set, Guest of Honour (ISON) Failed to Show by John Hlynialuk

Super Moon June 2013 vs Mini Moon Dec 2013 by John Hlynialuk

Aaron Top captured the aurora on Oct 8, 2012 from Owen Sound

Another Aaron Top Fisheye of an October aurora (2013) over Silver Lake near Sauble Beach

Horsehead and Flame Nebulas by Frank Williams using TV 85 refractor

Jan 2013 image of the winter sky with Jupiter near the Hyades in Taurus. Image by John Hlynialuk

Bluewater Outdoor Ed Centre -a Dark Sky Preserve! J. Hlynialuk image Mar 2013.

Dark Sky Weekend Bruce Pen Nat Pk. Milky Way -front and centre -Image by J. Hlynialuk

Dark Sky Weekend Bruce Pen Nat Pk. Bonus! Aurora! Image by J. Hlynialuk

Trifid Nebula -gorgeous 1h 39 min exp. Frank WIlliams

M31 -perennial target in summer skies. Image by Frank Williams

M51 -a face-on spiral with companion. Image by Frank Williams

North America Nebula, a 9.75 h image by Frank Williams! Wow!

Aaron Top fisheye captures Orion and other winter constellations from ES Fox