Aug 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Page

The Aug 21/17 Solar Eclipse is Over! This page will be devoted to featuring images and reports from eclipse-goers!

AUG 21, 2017 Grand Island, NE, USA
by Dr. J. VanDorp


It started innocuously enough. “First Contact", someone shouted.  Huh?  I could not see anything, other than the perfect sphere of the sun.  

Then, suddenly, I saw it.  Instead of the perfect spherical 360 degrees there was the tiniest indent of a black concavity, where I had not expected to see it at all.  It grew slowly, in my filtered, safe, solar telescope, gnawing steadily, persistently at the orange-yellow wheel of cheese, slowly eliminating it.  Nothing else was happening.  Sunspots were being gobbled up, one by one.  Huge solar flares were being quenched one by one. Inexorably, our sun was disappearing into the maw of dark shadow overtaking it, but the world nonchalantly kept fiddling, oblivious to the cosmic drama in the sky that only I and 20,000,000 other geeks were anxiously witnessing.  

After about an hour and a quarter, a sudden chill was in the air. Then a noticeable greying. Something was HAPPENING! Relentlessly, that grey deepened, the temperature plunged, the wind rose.  Suddenly a single diamond of light, then even it was quenched.  An eerie darkness cloaked us.  Stars and planets shone in the sky.

The horizon was a panoramic reddish sunset, all around, and the chill grew  deeper.  The disc of our sun was obliterated except for a faint wreath of flames, and a wide wreath of glory radiating at least twice the diameter of the disc laterally in each direction and one diameter vertically.  I wonder if the Coronal discs of glory around the saints' heads and Christ's head in icons was not originally conceptualized on manifesting the sun's corona in the death of an eclipse.  Only such a death makes it visible.

The chill was profound.  All was silence and awe, except for shuttering/shuddering cameras in all directions.  Suddenly another brilliant diamond appeared on the opposite side.  A shout spontaneously welcomed it.  The epiphany was over, the glory was gone.  The crippling doom raced Eastward.

Confused birds began to fly again as the earth awoke from its nightmare.  The cicadas took longer - hushed by the unnatural chill, awed by the doom that almost was.  It was at least an hour before they began to sing again.

A three-page addition to the Solar Eclipse Special is here: 3-page Issue
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The Solar Eclipse Special issue is still available!

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Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 3.01.25 PM.......................Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 3.00.17 PM

Solar Eclipse SUCCESS!
BAS members had spectacular views in Grand Is. NE!

This composite showing the first and last diamond rings and a contrast enhanced image of the corona during totality was from photos by John H.



Image by Julian D. above is a single image of totality and shows the tendrils of the corona. Note also that Regulus is visible lower left. The Aug 21 solar eclipse was seen by 26 BAS members who set up at the KOA outside Grand Is. NE. Lots more details about this trip are now available in the Solar Eclipse special on the HOME and 2017 SOL.ECL. pages. See the Meeting Recap here: Sep 6 regular meeting for some of the images and videos.

Frank Williams provides this composite below:

eclipse collage 14 with text

Frank W. did more processing on the central image which involved stacking more than 2 dozen shots of the corona taken at different exposures to try to reproduce the view as the eye saw it. The central image is slightly enlarged for effect, all phases of the eclipse had the same size Sun. Also Frank composited in the pinhole image he took showing the partial phase of the eclipse. See the Solar Eclipse Special on the top of the
HOME page for more about how to take these images -look in Part 2 pg 13 for Pinhole Eclipsing.

Previous Information included a Presentation Jun 7 on Solar Eclipses in general:
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