Some useful ASTRONOMY links here (no particular order). Please let the webmaster know if any are broken.

How to Photograph a Meteor Shower: Sean Walker provides some expert tips.

The Basics of Meteor Observing: Alan MacRobert gives advice on how to make this activity fun and scientifically useful.

International Meteor Organization with information about 2016 meteor showers, reports on fireballs observed and past shower data.

UWO Meteor Science dept. Prof. Peter Brown and his team are worldwide authorities on meteor science. UWO has installed an all-sky camera, part of over a dozen that constantly monitors the night sky for bright meteors with the aim of recovering any potential meteorites that may have reached Earth. The live camera image is available here: UWO cam at ES Fox

American Meteor Society This video explains what the society does and how to get involved in meteor science. The AMS home site is here: AMS home

Sky Maps: A two page (front and back) handy all-sky monthly star map. Downloads for northern and southern hemisphere.

Jam-Jar Magnetometer: the original British Astronomical Association article! Monitor Earth's magnetic field.

Chandra 2015 printable calendar (var. sizes available) X-ray images

Guide to Observing the Moon (using binos and telescopes) from Astronomy magazine

Solar Eclipses from 2011 to 2030 Fred Espanak site: "Mr. Eclipse" -lots of good info

John Dobson's original paper Celestial Observer July-Sep 1973 issue describing Dobson's design

Books/Atlases/References Recommended Reading from RASC Observer's Handbook

Aldebaran Graze Physics teacher article Apr 83 Aldebaran Graze Dec 1979

NIGHTSCAPE IDA Nightscape double issue: History of IDA and light pollution battle.

Used SCT Buyer's Guide Rod Mollise listing of SCT's made up to 2000 "studs and duds". Fred Espanak's website - excellent!!

Star Hopping 101 Complete Course c/o Rob Hawley has a four-part series on star hopping and locating objects -Youtube videos. Excellent!

Clear Sky Clock

Amateur Astronomers Weather forecasts


Solar and auroral activity

Heavens Above

Spaceflight, satellite visibility, comets, astronomy info

Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre

Outdoor Ed Centre near Oliphant -a Dark Sky Preserve

Bruce Peninsula Bayside Astronomy

Lion’s Head Bayside Astronomy program information

Bruce Peninsula Environment Group

A group dedicated to preserve the daytime and nighttime ecology of the Bruce

Atmospheric Optics

Everything you need to know about haloes, rainbows, green flash, etc.

Gordon’s Park DSP

Gordon’s Park -a dark sky campground on Manitoulin Island and a Dark Sky Preserve

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Home page of the national astronomical body with its 29 centres


NASA official website

Sky News Magazine

Sky News Magazine edited by Terry Dickinson

Wilderness Astronomy

Peter McMahon website featuring DSP at BOEC (also in Mar/Apr Sky News magazine)

Spaceflight Now

Space launches, mission status for space geeks

Astronomy Now

Up-to-date Astronomy news

Sky and Telescope

Sky and Telescope magazine home page

Astronomy magazine

Astronomy magazine home page

Astro Buy/Sell

Buy and sell used astronomy equipment (Canadian)

Stellarium Planetarium Software

Stellarium planetarium program for Mac, Windows, Linux

Lake County Astronomical Society

This group has a very extensive section of articles on everything an amateur could ever want to know. If you can't find it here, it does not exist.

K-W Telescopes

New telescope equipment sellers for S. Ontario -great staff, our favourite astronomy store

Canadian Telescopes

Another reputable astronomy supplier (Vancouver)

Keppel Henge (at Keppelcroft Gardens Big Bay)

Steve Irvine’s information page about this particularly robust solar observatory

Grey Roots Museum

Local museum host for BAS meetings and public viewing (approx. once a month)

Rainbow Symphony

Only one source for safe solar viewing glasses (eclipse glasses)

Cloudy Nights

Forum for discussion of astronomy, reviews of equipment, etc.

Project Apollo Image Gallery

The place to go for ALL of the Apollo imagery

Hubble Space Telescope Site

The home page for the Hubble Space Telescope images, information, status, etc.

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Home of the 3.6 m CFHT optical/infrared telescope -great images and more!

Canadian Space Agency

Information about Canadian Astronauts and space programs