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FOR SALE: Skywatcher 5” Collapsible Tube Dobsonian $175.00

Dobsonian reflecting telescope “Heritage 130P Minidob” collapses into a smaller package only 14.5 inches long. Focal length is 650 mm and with its 5” (130 mm) mirror, you have an f/5 system, perfect for those wide field objects like the Pleiades or M31. Comes with eyepieces. This scope is classified as a table-top mount but any solid flat-topped support will work. Comes with red-dot finderscope and a 1.25” diameter eyepiece holder/focuser.

Contact Lorraine Rodgers at for more information.

User manual also available here:

Lorr scope

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FOR SALE: 12.5 inch f/6 Dobsonian telescope
NEW PRICE! $789 !

Homebuilt by experienced telescope maker in 1980. The telescope tube construction is described in a previous SGN issue here: Building 12-inch Dob Truss tube design with professionally-made full thickness Coulter mirror -one of their best, recently re-aluminized by Normand Fullam (a $270 upgrade). Focuser and secondary mirror/spider is a Novak unit. Standard dobsonian alt-azimuth mount (3/4-inch ply) has a nice wood grain finish with coating of Varathane. This is a fairly heavy telescope and probably would be happy in a relatively permanent location, but is portable if you have lots of trunk space. Handling the tube is possible for one person but loading into and out of a car trunk is easier with two people. Telescope can be seen at the Fox Observatory (and at Starfest this year).

NEW PRICE $789.99 - make me an offer!. Contact John H. at 519-371-0670 or .

FOR SALE: Skywatcher 8”Dobsonian $299.00
Dobsonian reflecting telescope sold originally by Efstsonscience. Rarely used, like new. This is a 1200 mm focal length, 200 mm diameter mirror, f/6. Comes with 3 eyepieces, a 25 mm, a 10 mm Plossl and additional Televue 15 mm eyepiece. Download the manual here: Manual

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This is a great beginner’s scope and a steal at $299. The current new version (without the TeleVue eypepiece -$120 value, is over $500 (K-W telescope prices).
Contact Brian Shannon at [email protected] or by phone: 519-538-3224

For Sale: Celestron NexStar 102GT refractor (4 inch)

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Celestron product description follows: (contact Tim K. at phone # below for specific accessories included with this item )

  • High quality 102mm (4") refractor telescope with multi-coated glass optics.
  • Computerized hand control with 40,000+ objecs in its database and motorized altazimuth mount
  • Special set of 5 eyepieces allowing you to view objects up to 250 times closer than the naked eye
  • StarPointer finderscope to help with alignment and accurately locating objects
  • Quick-release fork arm mount, optical tube and accessory tray for quick no-tool set up
  • Sturdy stainless steel tripod and accessory tray included
  • Includes erect image diagonal for great terrestrial observing
  • Includes TheSkyX First Light Edition Astronomy Software, which provides education about the sky and printable sky maps
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)

Asking $300.00
Contact Tim Keachnie at 226-434-2287 for particulars

SOLD!!! FOR SALE: 2-inch Orion 2X Barlow SOLD!!!

Orion 2X

FOR SALE: Filters (2-inch) 80A and 23A


Contact John H. at 519-371-0670 or

FOR SALE: Classic Orange Tube Celestron C-8
Celestron made its reputation with this telescope and they have stood the test of time well. This 1980 vintage scope is in immaculate condition and has been sparingly used. Includes wedge, motor drive, diagonal, 2” adapter, 2 Kellner eyepieces, and other accessories. The tripod is the double tube type used by Celestron in those days and quite stable.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 9.53.41 PM

Owner is willing to negotiate so make a reasonable offer. [A quick check on Astromart found two, at $495 US and $600 US -ed]
Call Donna or Robert Boorne at 519-364-4120. Please phone as these folks do not have email.

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Available directly from the author at

Her website has more information:

Zoe Kestler

Like many women with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), journalist and popular blogger Zoë Kessler was diagnosed late in life—well into adulthood, in fact. But instead of seeing this label as a burden to bear, Kessler decided to use it to gain a better understanding of herself, and to connect with others through her writing.
In this unique and engaging memoir, Kessler shares her own stories of living with ADHD in a way that is relatable, but never predictable. Inside, she describes how her impulsive behavior has affected her love life; how being disorganized once stood in the way of landing a job; and how inattentiveness has caused certain challenges in her relationships. Kessler also offers key coping skills based on her experience; skills that you can use to focus your energy, become more organized, and boost your self-esteem while tapping into creativity and humor.
Kessler’s story illustrates how being diagnosed with ADHD late into adulthood can be bewildering, but it also shows what a great opportunity it can be to take stock of your life and make real, lasting changes. Whether you share her diagnosis of ADHD, or just like a good story,
ADHD According to Zoë will inspire you and encourage you to embrace your quirks.
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